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Sugarcane harvest from the South Central region of Brazil for the second half of August 2020

Sugar production decreased by 12.2% in the second half of August this year and reached 42.11 million tons, compared to 47.97 million tons reported in the same period of last year. Since the beginning of the 2020/2021 harvest until September 1st, accumulated sugar production reached 415.09 million tons, 15.3 million tons more than the previous harvest, during the same period.

The volume of ethanol produced reached 2.16 billion liters in the second half of August, with 659.46 million liters of anhydrous ethanol and 1.50 billion liters of hydrous ethanol. Of this total, 102.992 million liters were produced from corn. The accumulated production of ethanol decreased by 8.36%, totalizing 18.97 billion liters, with 5.618 billion liters of anhydrous ethanol and 13.352 billion liters of hydrous ethanol. Of the total fuel produced, 910.57 million liters of biofuel were produced from corn.

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