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Press release: Brazil’s UNICA Statement on the conclusion of the Mercosur-EU trade negotiations 2019/06 - Brazil’s UNICA Statement on the conclusion of the Mercosur-EU trade negotiations   BRUSSELS/SAO PAULO (June 28, 2019) – UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, issued the following statement on the successful conclusion of the Mercosur-EU trade negotiations: “UNICA congratulates both Mercosur and the EU countries as they close this historic deal. We trust that both […]

E10 ethanol for immediate climate progress in transport 2018/12 - COP24 Katowice, 14 December 2018 – European, Brazil and U.S. ethanol organisations at COP24 call for urgent roll out of E10 and higher blend ethanol fuel to help address crisis in transport sector carbon emissions. The United Nations IPCC Special Report of November 2018 highlighted the need to treble biofuels use in transport by 2030, to accompany […]

A cautious welcome to the agreed Renewable Energy Directive 2018/10 - Brussels and São Paulo, 15 June 2018 — UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, issued a cautious welcome to the agreed Renewable Energy Directive. After months of intense negotiations, the European Parliament and Member States have come to an agreement that improves the initial Renewable Energy Directive proposal. Both have recognised that transport needs to […]

Sugar subsidy policies in Pakistan and India raise concern among Brazilian farmers 2018/04 - São Paulo, April 2018 – The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) is concerned with the increase of sugar exports from Pakistan, which are subsidized by the local government.  This kind of action causes distortion in international commercial practices and directly impacts the price of the product, which has been falling again since January 2017. According to United […]

Council’s decision on RED II – Member States afraid of their own ambitions toward decarbonizing transport 2017/12 - São Paulo and Brussels, 19 December 2017 —The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) welcomes the decision reached by the EU Energy Ministers on 18 December 2017 to set a Member State binding target of renewable energy in the transport sector of 14% by 2030. Although the actual target should be closer to 20% in order […]


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