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The European Commission now does Full U-Turn on Decarbonizing European Transport
Apparently, the current European Commission’s long term strategy is now formally not to have one. On Wednesday, this Commission formally mapped out, in the ...
The EU 2030 Strategy for Climate Change and Energy: A Missed Opportunity to Decarbonize Transport?
With the European Commission days away from releasing its policy proposal on so-called 2030 climate and energy targets, it’s worth taking stock of how this ...
Beyond the “conventional v/s advanced biofuels” dilemma: sustainable biofuels should win!
A few days ago, I was listening to the speech of Vice-President Šefčovič’s at a high-level event in Brussels on biofuels. He said that “all main alternative ...
Sugarcane at the crossroad of agriculture, energy, transport and innovation
This week UNICA’s President Elizabeth Farina was supposed to attend the Apex-Brazil conference in Brussels and talk about the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. The ...
UNICA's contribution to the EU public consultation on the reform of the RED
Biofuels, the missing link
After two intense weeks of confirmation hearings in the Parliament, the Junker Commission has been confirmed by the Parliament. It was described by Mr Juncker ...
Our New Year’s Resolutions for the Reduction of Transport Emissions
Well before we started thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, the European Commission published on 16 December its work programme for 2015. We can only ...
Ethanol and Bioelectricity: Sugarcane in the Future of the Energy Matrix
Sugarcane ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses. Because it is a clean, affordable and low-carbon ...
Energy Diversity
Sugarcane can help improve global energy security by diversifying both fuel supply and suppliers.
Brazilian Transportation Fleet
Brazil is the world's largest sugarcane ethanol producer and a pioneer in using ethanol to power light vehicles, a trend that took off in 2003 with the ...
Ethanol-Powered Bus Brochure
Ethanol as a Fuel
Ethanol in the Brazilian Energy Matrix
Car efficiency alone is not enough to decarbonise transport!
On 4 December 2014, the Environment Committee in the European Parliament held a public hearing on air quality and on national emissions beyond 2020. Emissions ...
The role of cleaner fuels after COP21
Boosting Biofuels: Sustainable Paths to Greater Energy Security
Greenhouse gas impact of marginal fossil fuel use
EU still debates E10, while Brazil moves to a 27% blend
I just can’t help praising the decision taken by the Brazilian government to increase, today, the ethanol blend in gasoline to 27%. A question came straight to ...
Live from Paris!
Here we are! In Paris, following another round of negotiations on climate. I hope an ambitious agreement can be found at the end of these two weeks and we are ...
European Heads of government set to discuss 2030 Climate and Energy Package
Later this week, European heads of government will meet in Brussels to discuss, among other issues, the European Union’s 2030 Climate and Energy Package which ...
It’s now up to Member States to show commitment to the reduction of transport emissions
Today, the European Parliament’s Environment committee adopted a second reading position on the ILUC dossier, and I’d like to congratulate MEPs for many of the ...
Decarbonizing transport in a post-fact world
At Politico’s recent debate on decarbonizing Europe’s transport,Maroš Šefčovič said that there is an international consensus that first-generation biofuels ...
European leaders give hopes on transport post-2020
On 24 October European leaders reached an agreement on the framework which will set the energy and climate scene for the next 15 years. The conclusions call on ...
EU 2030 Road Transport Decarbonisation Scenario Analysis
Presentation Ausilio Bauen, E4Tech
Why the EU should keep the fuels decarbonisation policy post-­‐2020?
Presentation Nusa Urbancic, T&E
Welcoming remarks – Elizabeth Farina, CEO of UNICA - November 19, 2014
Health co-benefits of mitigation of GHG emissions: the case of ethanol
Presentation Prof. Paulo Saldiva, USP
Smart Policies make Smart Cities
The European communication on low-emission mobility: a missed opportunity?
Today the European Commission published a Communication on low-emission mobility. While we acknowledges the Commission’s clear support signal towards advanced ...
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