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Commitment to Sustainability
The Brazilian sugarcane industry is committed to sustainable development and good stewardship of the country’s vast resources.
Message to IPCC on Climate Change: More Attention to Detail on Brazilian Sugarcane
This week the United Nations scientific panel on climate change (IPCC) published its latest report on climate change. The report, echoing its past findings ...
Innovation: good for business, good for the environment!
Yesterday, President Dilma Rousseff visited the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC), a world leading technology company gathering knowledge of the entire ...
UNICA's contribution to the EU public consultation on the sustainability of bioenergy
Talkin’ ‘bout my (second) generation
To kick the season off, I’ll be in Stockholm this week to talk about second generation biofuels, and in particular the outlook for ethanol produced in ...
What’s your first-generation biofuels literacy?
On April 22, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day. Many people want to take action on that occasion by planting a tree or informing themselves on ...
Happy and ready for holidays after COP21
Remember our opinion piece on Euractiv on a scenario outcome for COP21? Even better!
Are EU sustainability criteria for biofuels compatible with WTO rules?
That’s the question many of us are grappling with today. With the aim of meeting environmental goals, the European Commission is now due to finalize the very ...
Ethanol and Bioelectricity: Sugarcane in the Future of the Energy Matrix
The Good, the Bad & The Ugly… about ILUC
After the disappointment of not winning concessions from Member States on any of their main points, MEPs have – against the will of many – voted in favour of ...
Brazil’s UNICA Statement on European Parliament Vote Outcome on Biofuels/ILUC
UNICA position on the proposed new Renewable Energy Directive (RED II)
Not all biofuels are created equal...Thoughts on the proposed RED II
The revision of the Renewable Energy Directive represents a tremendous opportunity to foster the further development of clean energy in the European Union for ...
IPCC adopts a more nuanced approach and recognize benefits of biofuels
It’s good to see that a highly regarded institution, like the United Nations, has just released a new report that has the courage ‎to simply follow the ...
Why science matters
In its Strategy to decarbonize the transport sector, the Commission made the decision to focus on advanced biofuels only and phase out all conventional ...
Another EU-Brazil Summit on the way, but Can Leaders do What’s Right to liberalize trade on renewable energy?
The annual EU-Brazil summit will take place next week here in the European Union capital, Brussels. There will be plenty of bonhomie as these summits go. We ...
Sugarcane-Based Bioethanol: Energy for Sustainable Development
Biofuels Play Central Role in Brazil’s Climate Goals
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change entered into force in September, starting a coordinated effort by the world’s governments to reduce carbon dioxide ...
The role of cleaner fuels after COP21
(Re)committing to the Paris Agreement? Europe needs to lead by example
As MEP Bas Eickhout’s stated, European policymakers are only credible in criticising Trump if they can themselves deliver at home. Let’s hope they return to ...
Boosting Biofuels: Sustainable Paths to Greater Energy Security
Cleaner fuels are necessary to tackle climate change
Check our latest op-ed on COP21 and the contribution of cleaner fuels to the debate on the EurActive website.
Greenhouse gas impact of marginal fossil fuel use
Let the second reading start!
After a short break occasioned by the European elections in May, it will soon be time for new and returning Members of the European Parliament to embark on ...
Sustainability Certification and Reporting
Brazilian Sugarcane Biofuel Producers Applaud Increased EPA Support for Advanced Renewable Fuels
The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (known by the acronym “UNICA”) today commented on the final 2017 renewable fuel standards from the Environmental ...
Sugarcane: 21 Recipes for a Better World
Global Commodities Forum Report 2015 - Trade in commodities: opportunities and challenges
Scratching the surface of the biofuel sustainability debate 
The publication of the Communication on low emission mobility and the announcement of the upcoming new Renewable Energy Directive put biofuels, once again, in ...
Bioenergy & Sustainability: bridging the gaps
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