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U.S. Sugar Policy
The United States (U.S.) is the fifth largest sugar producer and fifth largest consumer of sugar in the world. The U.S. sugar industry has enjoyed trade ...
Ethanol and Bioelectricity: Sugarcane in the Future of the Energy Matrix
Sugarcane Products
High-tech innovation has started unlocking products from sugarcane that are clean and renewable. Use of sugarcane is expanding into an extraordinarily diverse ...
Sugarcane ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses. Because it is a clean, affordable and low-carbon ...
Sugarcane ethanol is an important ingredient to substitute for petroleum in the production of plastic, creating "bioplastics" that have the same properties of ...
Biohydrocarbons and Beyond
The next frontier of sugarcane innovation – biohydrocarbons. These renewable fuels are also often referred to as “drop-in” because they can be used in any ...
The Sugar-Energy Map of Brazil
Virtual Mill Tour
Brazilian Sugarcane Biofuel Producers Applaud Increased EPA Support for Advanced Renewable Fuels
The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (known by the acronym “UNICA”) today commented on the final 2017 renewable fuel standards from the Environmental ...
Sugarcane: 21 Recipes for a Better World
Bioplastics Further Unlock the Potential of Sugarcane
We at UNICA use the phrase ‘One plant, many solutions’ and I think this describes sugarcane well. Sugarcane has played a major role in helping Brazil become ...
UNICA's Institutional Folder: Sugar, Ethanol, Bioelectricity & Beyond
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