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Reduced Emissions
Sugarcane ethanol and bioelectricity are renewable energy solutions that cut greenhouse gases (GHG) significantly when compared to fossil fuels. But what does ...
Message to IPCC on Climate Change: More Attention to Detail on Brazilian Sugarcane
This week the United Nations scientific panel on climate change (IPCC) published its latest report on climate change. The report, echoing its past findings ...
Innovation: good for business, good for the environment!
Yesterday, President Dilma Rousseff visited the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC), a world leading technology company gathering knowledge of the entire ...
The EU 2030 Strategy for Climate Change and Energy: A Missed Opportunity to Decarbonize Transport?
With the European Commission days away from releasing its policy proposal on so-called 2030 climate and energy targets, it’s worth taking stock of how this ...
Reviewing the RED
The moment has come for the EU to review one of the main pieces of legislation that influenced the EU biofuels and transport policies in the last few years: ...
Making the right choices now
2016 is the ‘year of implementation’. The year we will have to put together the measures needed not only to achieve the 2030 Framework targets and Energy Union ...
Beyond the “conventional v/s advanced biofuels” dilemma: sustainable biofuels should win!
A few days ago, I was listening to the speech of Vice-President Šefčovič’s at a high-level event in Brussels on biofuels. He said that “all main alternative ...
UNICA's contribution to the EU public consultation on the reform of the RED
UNICA's contribution to the EU public consultation on the sustainability of bioenergy
Working Together to Benefit Brazil, America, and the World
Today, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is visiting Washington, D.C. to strengthen the relationship between two of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest nations. ...
What’s your first-generation biofuels literacy?
On April 22, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day. Many people want to take action on that occasion by planting a tree or informing themselves on ...
Happy and ready for holidays after COP21
Remember our opinion piece on Euractiv on a scenario outcome for COP21? Even better!
Sugarcane Ethanol: Contributions to Climate Change Mitigation and the Environment
Council’s decision on RED II – Member States afraid of their own ambitions toward decarbonizing transport
The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) welcomes the decision reached by the EU Energy Ministers on 18 December 2017 to set a Member State binding ...
The end of a busy year – a time for pause
As we come to the close of a busy year, it’s worthwhile to take time to pause and reflect on everything that we’ve achieved this year. For UNICA it has indeed ...
Environmental Goods Agreement - how green are the EGA negotiations?
I recently attended a conference in Brussels on the negotiations of the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA). Quite disappointingly, ethanol is not part of the ...
Biofuels, the missing link
After two intense weeks of confirmation hearings in the Parliament, the Junker Commission has been confirmed by the Parliament. It was described by Mr Juncker ...
Our New Year’s Resolutions for the Reduction of Transport Emissions
Well before we started thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, the European Commission published on 16 December its work programme for 2015. We can only ...
Ethanol and Bioelectricity: Sugarcane in the Future of the Energy Matrix
Sugarcane Benefits
Sugarcane has the potential to lower carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, reduce petroleum use and help create a healthier, cleaner planet.
Brazilian Climate Change Alliance – Position Paper on Negotiations on Climate Change Mitigation and Suggested Steps by the Brazilian Government
The Good, the Bad & The Ugly… about ILUC
After the disappointment of not winning concessions from Member States on any of their main points, MEPs have – against the will of many – voted in favour of ...
Introduction to sugarcane ethanol contributions to climate change mitigation and the environment
Chapter 1 of "Sugarcane Ethanol: Contributions to Climate Change Mitigation and the Environment"
Mitigation of GHG emissions using sugarcane bioethanol
Chapter 4 of "Sugarcane Ethanol: Contributions to Climate Change Mitigation and the Environment"
On the Road Again
I hope you’ve all had a great winter break and that you’re well rested for what promises to be an exciting year in terms of the transport and energy policy ...
Carbon storage in sugarcane fields of Brazilian South-Central region
Contribution of Ethanol to Climate Change
UNICA position on the proposed new Renewable Energy Directive (RED II)
Not all biofuels are created equal...Thoughts on the proposed RED II
The revision of the Renewable Energy Directive represents a tremendous opportunity to foster the further development of clean energy in the European Union for ...
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