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Environmental Goods Agreement - how green are the EGA negotiations?
I recently attended a conference in Brussels on the negotiations of the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA). Quite disappointingly, ethanol is not part of the ...
Ethanol and Bioelectricity: Sugarcane in the Future of the Energy Matrix
Sugarcane ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel produced by the fermentation of sugarcane juice and molasses. Because it is a clean, affordable and low-carbon ...
Sugarcane Benefits
Sugarcane has the potential to lower carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, reduce petroleum use and help create a healthier, cleaner planet.
Energy Diversity
Sugarcane can help improve global energy security by diversifying both fuel supply and suppliers.
Economic Growth
Increasing sugarcane production and processing would contribute significantly to economic growth and development.
Social Externalities of Fuels
Ethanol and Health
IPCC adopts a more nuanced approach and recognize benefits of biofuels
It’s good to see that a highly regarded institution, like the United Nations, has just released a new report that has the courage ‎to simply follow the ...
Sugarcane-Based Bioethanol: Energy for Sustainable Development
Biofuels Play Central Role in Brazil’s Climate Goals
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change entered into force in September, starting a coordinated effort by the world’s governments to reduce carbon dioxide ...
Greenhouse gas impact of marginal fossil fuel use
Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol: Get the Facts Right and Kill the Myths
Improved Public Health
Replacing fossil fuels with ethanol not only reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but also improves air quality and reduces the health impacts of pollution. ...
Sugarcane: 21 Recipes for a Better World
Brazilian Sugarcane Biofuel Producers Urge Increased EPA Support for Advanced Renewable Fuels
The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (known by the acronym “UNICA”) today commented on proposed 2017 renewable fuel standards by the Environmental ...
Health co-benefits of mitigation of GHG emissions: the case of ethanol
Presentation Prof. Paulo Saldiva, USP
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