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Index of reports, studies, export statistics, harvest reports and other technical documentation for download
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The role of cleaner fuels after COP21

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UNICA's Institutional Folder: Sugar, Ethanol, Bioelectricity & Beyond

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Smart Policies make Smart Cities

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Global Commodities Forum Report 2015 - Trade in commodities: opportunities and challenges

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Global Sugar Alliance clears record on India Subsidy and Health Misinformation

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Formal comments to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Renewable Fuel Standard Program Proposed Rule

UNICA provides formal comments to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Renewable Fuel Standard Program proposed rule, entitled, "Renewable Fuel Standard Program: Standards for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2017; Proposed Rule,”

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Bioenergy & Sustainability: bridging the gaps

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Support an EU Sub-target for Renewables in Petrol

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EU 2030 Road Transport Decarbonisation Scenario Analysis

Sugarcane Solutions Blog

What’s your first-generation biofuels literacy?

On April 22, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day. Many people want to take action on that occasion by planting a tree or informing themselves on climate change solutions and environmental conservation. However, in today’s era of post-truth politics and information overload, we often struggle to make sound judgements about what is best for the environment and what is agenda-driven rhetoric. Same goes for lawmakers who are in charge of setting the policies that will lead us to a more environmentally friendly economy and lifestyle.

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