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8th Annual Platts Kingsman Geneva Sugar Conference

(Geneva, Switzerland , from Apr 24, 2018 to Apr 25, 2018)

European sugar unshackled

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7th Annual Platts Geneva Biofuels Conference

(Geneva, Switzerland , from Apr 26, 2018 to Apr 26, 2018)

Understanding new policy updates and strategies to sustain growth pre and post 2020

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Argus Global Gasoline

(London, United Kingdom, from May 08, 2018 to May 09, 2018)

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Sugarcane Solutions Blog

An EU-Mercosur trade deal: A balancing act

The EU-Mercosur deal is a worthwhile prize: the largest bilateral trade deal yet, connecting two markets of almost 800m consumers and at the same time setting a signal against the protectionist tendencies pushed by the Trump administration. Let's go for it!

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