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20 World Bio-Markets Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20 – 22 March 2018
24 8th Annual Platts Kingsman Geneva Sugar Conference

Geneva, Switzerland

24 – 25 April 2018
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U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard

Maintain American Access to Clean, Advanced Biofuels

An illustration of a fuel pump with an ethanol E on the front.

Sugarcane ethanol plays a modest but important role supplying the U.S. with advanced biofuels. Learn more.

Sugarcane Solutions Blog

Biofuels in the Renewable Energy Directive – the final call

On 17 May representatives of the European Parliament, member states and the European Commission will meet to negotiate the provisions on biofuels in REDII. This might be the last chance to find a compromise that ensures the future of a technology that is critical to reduce carbon emissions in transport.

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One Plant, Many Products One Plant, Many Products

Humans have cultivated sugarcane for many centuries to produce sugar. But only recently has high-tech innovation started unlocking other useful products that are clean and renewable. Learn how sugarcane can now provide food, energy, packaging and more.

Virtual Mill Tour
Tour a Virtual Sugarcane Mill Tour a Virtual Sugarcane Mill

Take a behind-the-scenes look at a working sugarcane mill in Brazil. Our virtual tour will show you how the plant works, from careful planting and harvesting to ethanol production and bioelectricity production.

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Resource Library
Statistics and Studies Statistics and Studies

We’ve compiled the most important research, studies and statistics on sugarcane. Consult our library for in-depth information on its production, trade and use.

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Providing Food and Fuel Providing Food and Fuel

Brazil has replaced almost forty percent of its gasoline needs with sugarcane ethanol while simultaneously doubling grain production during the past ten years. The country is not only feeding itself better but also much of the world thanks to high-productivity agriculture.

Sugarcane Benefits
A Cleaner, Healthier Planet A Cleaner, Healthier Planet

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum use. A more diverse energy supply. Job creation and economic growth. Learn more about the many advantages sugarcane can offer.

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Protecting Precious Resources Protecting Precious Resources

The Brazilian sugarcane industry is committed to sustainability. Find out about best practices for land use planning and the industry’s dedication to responsible labor conditions.

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Brazilian Experience
A Leader in Renewable Energy A Leader in Renewable Energy

In the past 30 years, Brazil has become a leader in renewables. Sugarcane played a key part in this transition and now supplies almost 16% of all Brazilian energy. Learn how sugarcane helps reduce oil dependency and increase energy security.

Brazilian Experience
Making Gasoline the Alternative Making Gasoline the Alternative

Flex fuel vehicles that can run on either gasoline or pure ethanol account for 90% of new car sales in Brazil. That means consumers have a choice at the pump, and they’ve chosen to replace almost forty percent of the country’s gasoline needs with sugarcane ethanol.

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Resource Library
Sugarcane Statistics Sugarcane Statistics

While more than 100 countries cultivate sugarcane, Brazil grows more than any other. Brazil is the world’s largest sugar producer and second largest ethanol producer, behind the United States. Find the latest harvest and export data in our resource library.

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A couple visiting Brazil for the World Cup learns how this remarkable plant lowers carbon dioxide emissions, reduces petroleum use and helps create a cleaner, healthier planet.

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